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Close Cleaning

We provide a close cleaning service to the Housing Association.   The specification covers the following elements:-

Common close landings/stairs/protected lobbies

Brush out and remove all litter and debris from stairs and landings.

Sweep front paths from close door to start of pavement where appropriate.

Thoroughly wash all landings and stairs with fresh solution of hot soapy water and a detergent/disinfectant which is suitable for the type of floor finish.

Water to be changed every 3rd floor (closes 5 storeys and above) or in smaller closes every 2nd floor as necessary to ensure that dirty water is not used.

Common close internal handrails/balustrades/ledges/sills/light fittings/dado rail to be washed with fresh solution of hot soapy water and detergent and polish.

Common lifts, floors walls/ceilings/doors/light covers/handrails(7, 9, 6 & 8 Methil street &172 Fore Street Only)

Thoroughly wash all areas with fresh soapy water and detergent and polish all areas including glazed and mirror finishes ensuring that only appropriate cleaning products are used for each finish.

Ensure that excessive water is not used in lift cabs which can cause slips at (7, 9, 6&8 Methil Street & 172 Fore Street ONLY)

Close windows

Weather permitting, all the close windows are cleaned in the last week of every month.

If you want to know which day of the week your close is due to be cleaned then check our cleaning schedule.