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Comprehensive Bulk Uplift Service

On 5th April 2021 we introduced a comprehensive bulk uplift programme to ensure the backcourts and streets in the area are kept clean and tidy. 

You can check when your bulk is due to be uplifted in our bulk uplift programme.  Tenants in the houses in the Edzell Development should let the Housing Association know by telephoning 0141 959 2552 when they have bulk to be uplifted and it will be collected within seven days.

Bin StoresBulk in backcourt

Every Tuesday, our stair cleaning team brush and clean all of the binstores in the stock.  Unfortunately, depending on the day the City Council empty the bins, the bin store condition may deteriorate during the week.  Our staff keep records and photographs so if you have any doubt that the bin store has been cleaned please let us know and we will check it out  for you.